Canisters from 3 l to 25 l are designed to be easily stacked onto standard EU pallets. According to the needs and requirements of the customer they can be produced in lighter or heavier versions. They come with screw-on caps with gaskets and temper-evident seal. Many of our canisters have UN approvals for transport and storage of dangerous goods, thus increasing their use.

  technical datasheetvolumedimensions (mm)opening (mm)UN
canister2RO0322_3.0 L160 x 110 x 245ø 33
canister2RO0410_4.0 L230 x 110 x 298ø 31
stackable canister2RO0514_5.0 L190 x 167 x 230ø 45Y
canister2RO0522_5.0 L180 x 132 x 280ø 32
stackable canister2RO0515_5.0 L190 x 167 x 230ø 32
stackable canister2RO0614_6.0 L190 x 167 x 266ø 45Y
stackable canister2RO1014_10.0 L233 x 192 x 315ø 45
canister2RO1022_10.0 L235 x 185 x 340ø 32
stackable canister2RO1114_11.0 L233 x 192 x 335ø 45Y
stackable canister2RO2015_20.0 L290 x 240 x 396ø 45Y
stackable canister2RO2014_20.0 L290 x 240 x 396ø 48Y
stackable canister2RO2516_25.0 L279 x 252 x 456ø 48Y