education and training for employees

date: 28.01.2013

category: news

Our company organised various seminars and trainings for employees in October 2012 through January 2013. The seminars covered different topics on safety at work, product quality and efficient work organisation.

The first trainings were organised in October and November for manufacturing personnel, forklift drivers and qualified technical staff on the topics of safety at work and fire protection. At the same time we enabled the personnel in the company, who are qualified to offer first aid, to renew their knowledge and implement it.

Because we are aware of the significance of product quality and the need for constant improvements in this field, we also organised a seminar for qualified technical staff in production and other technical personnel. The Heads of departments and process managers were able to take part in a seminar on work organisation and constant improvements and implementations, organised November through January, which introduced the KVP2 method – continuous improvement process.